The Technomancer

Jolly Wizard is the Sole Proprietorship of James Arlow.

Technology is where he works his magic.

At the nubile age of 31, he’s sensually bursting with technical experience:

  • 2 years experience as an IT subcontractor, servicing scale organizations including Best Buy, Morgan Stanley, and Roanoke City Schools.
  • More than a decade of experience offering independent support service for individuals and small businesses.
  • 7+ years as an IT Administrator specializing in database administration, networking, user support, software development, proprietary system analysis, integration, and inter-organizational communication.
  • A year of experience as an Arcade Technician, investigating, repairing, and integrating original and customized electronics from small and large vendors across the globe.
  • A lifetime of passion and intrigue toward computer system, archaic and modern.